He's Right...

July 30, 2019

 Turning over a new leaf? Usually in January there are a whole host of people challenged to change bad habits for good ones, but...


People don't change unless they want to. 



"Humans are unique in their ability to willingly change. We can change our attitude, our appearance and our skillset. But only when we want to."



The hard part, then, isn’t changing, it's the wanting it...


Old Fuzzy is self-disciplined. I was amazed when we ended our year long diet. He continued doing many of the things he had done during the diet. I even continued with many of the schedules we had used.


The latter regime was difficult for me. The year long daily schedule of several small meals per day, even though not everything was cooked—let's just say, I'm not that kind of self-disciplined. 


I find it difficult to do the same things day after day. Dishes done three times a day? hard for me. Five meals a day every day? really hard for me. Exercise? I can keep a schedule but only for awhile, then somewhere I go rogue.


At some point I feel like I've paid my dues, and I'm ready to move on.


Old Fuzzy and I have the self-discipline to work long hours and focus on what needs to be done. However, if I don't have someone really steady working with me I know better than to commit to a long term, forever work.


I may not be able to discipline for long stretches, seeing how the year long diet almost did me in. But I can discipline in some areas. 


I have a habit of starting projects, then starting another project, and then ad infinitum... But I can set a limit to how many projects I can start. After that I must FINISH those projects before I start any more.


That way I keep moving doing something different, but I am still being productive.


Knowing there are some things that you can change, knowing what those things are takes wisdom. Working within those parameters is a real challenge.


Proverbs 25:11  "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. 12)  As an earring of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprover upon an obedient ear." 


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